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QAIC's Cultural Crossings: Oud Workshop

4PM November 12, 2022 | 1319 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20036


    Oud Workshop & Lecture


Muhammad Qadri Dalal

Oudist, Scholar

Born in 1946 in Aleppo, Syria, Oud virtuoso and musicologist Muhammed Qadri Dalal has performed with most of the important traditional singers from the 70s on, such as Sabah Fakhri, Sabri Mudallal, and Adib al-Dayekh.  He is one of the most important figures of music in the Arab world.

An apprentice of Bakri al-Kurdi, Mr. Dalal is a composer, group leader, educator, music critic, and prolific scholar who has written extensively about traditional music and the musical figures influencing the tradition over time. 

Numerous traditional singers from Aleppo studied with him, and he wrote works for many singers from Syria and the Arab world, such as Omar Sarmini, Shadi Jameel, Abboud Bashir, and Ahmad Azraq from Aleppo, and Lotfi Boshnaq from Tunisia to name a few. He is considered to be an authority in the maqam tradition.

He toured with the al-Kindi Ensemble around the globe. He was the director of Sabah Fakhri Conservatory in Aleppo, Syria (2004-2009) and since 2013, he has been teaching as an Arab music professor at the Conservatory of Alexandria, Egypt.

He performed with SMPI's Takht al-Nagham in many concerts and in different states from New York to Florida to Washington D.C.

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