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Muwashah Ya Gazalan Zaada

Khalil Haj Hussein



Iqa (Rhythm)




يا غــــــــزالاً زادَ هجراً ودلالْزادَ في الهجرِ سقامي والهزالْفمتى أروي فؤادي بالوصالْأرتوي من ريقِ ثغرٍ كــــالزلالْ

ذبتُ شوقاً متُّ وجداً وهيــامْبغزالٍ قد رمــــــــاني بالسِّهامْإنَّ جفني فيهِ قرْحٌ وسقــامْوجفا عيني رقادي والمنـــــامْ

إنّنـــــــي صبٌّ معنَّىوعليكَ القلبُ أحنّىيرتجي وصلاً يداويسُقْمَهُ والعيشُ أهنا


Written in aqsaq (9/8), the muwashah starts on the tonic of the maqam with a phrase that includes the aqd of hijaz as an expression of the misery the composer feels due of the longing for his beloved Gazal. The next phrase reaches the octave and emphasizes his confusion through alternation between the flavors of the rast and the huzam. To end the piece, the composer repeats the same phrase he started as if to remind himself of his pathetic state. The khana is written in the fast and light saraband rhythm (⅜), and it is here where he confesses to his beloved his suffering. As a departure from the regular form, the piece ends with the khana without returning to the first section.