Muwashah Ghazalon

Khalil Haj Hussein


Rahat al-Arwah

Iqa (Rhythm)




غزالٌ زارني أحورْسباني خدُّه ُ الأسـمر

وحيّاني بحاجبــه ِورمش ٍ يشبهُ الخنجر

ومال بقدّه ِ نحويوفيـــــــه فاح كالعنبر

وأسكرني بناظره ِوريق ٍ رشفُهُ سكّـــــر


The piece starts unexpectedly on the upbeat of the murabba’ rhythm (13/4) with the first word (gazal) synching with the tonic of the maqam. The first vowel of this word is extended in a way that depicts the poet leisurely watching his beloved approach.  The composer expresses the time spent waiting for the opportunity to meet his beloved as the piece progresses to the second aqd (tetrachord) of hijaz. The khana of the piece is in aqd rast delivering a cheerful moment when the lovers finally brush against each other. The climax of the piece is the dramatic layali signifying their union.